Meditation Exploration

One of the things I did this spring was to explore a 21-day on-line meditation podcast (sponsored by Oprah and Deepak Chopra).   For me this was both something new and something out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done podcasts (don't judge my tech-phobia), nor had I really tried meditation. Savasana in yoga or daily … Continue reading Meditation Exploration


Life Metaphor

What life metaphor am I living?  And is that right for me now or do I want to change it? Recently the idea of life metaphor has emerged in various things I’m reading. When something pops a few times, it makes me want to explore it more!    My word of the year is SOAR … Continue reading Life Metaphor

Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality

At a recent conference I attended, the topic of neuroscience and its relationship to personality was presented.   This is a quick snapshot of the topic – mostly because I think it’s another example of understanding yourself better, and also understanding those whom you regularly interface with better. Better understanding myself allows me to understand what … Continue reading Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality