Stages of Adult Development

A couple of questions that continue to challenge me in retirement transition: How can I be more like those who have learned to not care what others think and to focus on what matters just to them? How can I move away from doing things because I think I should or because that's what's done by … Continue reading Stages of Adult Development


WordCamp Cincinnati

At the recommendation of a few other bloggers, I went to my local WordCamp weekend conference. While I had a mixed reaction to the event, I was glad I went. And in fact, will probably go again next year.   Here’s a quick synopsis of that mixed reaction: I’m (just) a hobby blogger. The local WordCamp … Continue reading WordCamp Cincinnati

Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality

At a recent conference I attended, the topic of neuroscience and its relationship to personality was presented.   This is a quick snapshot of the topic – mostly because I think it’s another example of understanding yourself better, and also understanding those whom you regularly interface with better. Better understanding myself allows me to understand what … Continue reading Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality