How-to Find Your Word-of-the-Year

Thanks to a wonderful Find-Your-Word-of-the-Year 5-day process from I was able to do some fun self-discovery work as I identified my word-of-the-year. I went into the process thinking I had a word in mind but through the insightful questioning and inspirational Facebook links, I ended up in a different place. I thought I would … Continue reading How-to Find Your Word-of-the-Year


Ready, Set, Go

The knowing doesn’t make the doing any easier. A blog about selecting my 2018 Word-of-the-Year. A pet peeve for me has always been the total focus on why something is important.   Training classes at work would focus on the why something was important, but not tell you how to actually do it. Even now, so … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go

Am I doing what’s really important to me?

Writing inspiration comes from many places. Recently I’ve encountered a few different references about trying to understand what’s really important.  This was a great thing to think about moving into a new year.   Karen Hume at Profound Journey talked about her morning journaling: “In selecting and writing about the most important thing that happened … Continue reading Am I doing what’s really important to me?

Change of Plan

“The best-laid plans of mice and men”… and apparently, retirement transitioners. When life puts detours on your path, being resilient and adjusting is part of a successful retirement. And I am hell-bent on having a successful retirement. So it’s time for adjusting my plan. What is the latest detour in my path? I’ve received a diagnosis of … Continue reading Change of Plan