Am I Different in Retirement?

Am I a “different me” in retirement? A while back, a FIRE blogger (Ms ONL) contemplated if she would fundamentally change in retirement. I initially commented to her that you are the same person after you retire that you were before. I pointed out to her that I had the same core values, the same … Continue reading Am I Different in Retirement?


Why do I (continue to) blog?

When I tell folks that I am a blogger, I am often immediately asked if I make money on it.  No, I’m not trying to monetize my blog. So, why do I continue to blog, if not for the money? What defines success? Is my blog a success?   First, let’s look at the numbers. … Continue reading Why do I (continue to) blog?

Am I doing what’s really important to me?

Writing inspiration comes from many places. Recently I’ve encountered a few different references about trying to understand what’s really important.  This was a great thing to think about moving into a new year.   Karen Hume at Profound Journey talked about her morning journaling: “In selecting and writing about the most important thing that happened … Continue reading Am I doing what’s really important to me?