The Rhythm of Life

There is a rhythm that runs through your days. Your personal rhythm is almost second nature in how you manage your daily life. After 30+ years of working, it can be a bit choppy and chaotic, but there is still a daily rhythm.  You don't need to think about waking, eating, working, commuting, and maybe, … Continue reading The Rhythm of Life


Am I Different in Retirement?

Am I a “different me” in retirement? A while back, a FIRE blogger (Ms ONL) contemplated if she would fundamentally change in retirement. I initially commented to her that you are the same person after you retire that you were before. I pointed out to her that I had the same core values, the same … Continue reading Am I Different in Retirement?

Why do I (continue to) blog?

When I tell folks that I am a blogger, I am often immediately asked if I make money on it.  No, I’m not trying to monetize my blog. So, why do I continue to blog, if not for the money? What defines success? Is my blog a success?   First, let’s look at the numbers. … Continue reading Why do I (continue to) blog?


Activation Energy – A Personal Pep Talk

Part of my word-of-the-year includes the concept of activating. To SOAR, you need to take that first step, that leap of faith, that jump into the unknown.   I am finding it hard to activate some long-held to-do activities. This blog is a personal pep talk on discovering why I can't take that first step, and … Continue reading Activation Energy – A Personal Pep Talk


Stages of Adult Development

A couple of questions that continue to challenge me in retirement transition: How can I be more like those who have learned to not care what others think and to focus on what matters just to them? How can I move away from doing things because I think I should or because that's what's done by … Continue reading Stages of Adult Development


Investment in Friendship

There is a lot of research about the benefits of a strong circle of friends, especially as we grow older. It seems like all the research published the why it’s important, but little is ever written on the How to do it! How do you maintain friendships as your life dramatically changes moving into retirement? … Continue reading Investment in Friendship


Vision Board 2018

I enjoy having a Vision Board for the year to inspire me.  I place it right next to where I write in my Morning Journal and it keeps my vision front and center and hopefully helping it manifest as the year progresses.   This post captures the How-to do a Vision Board and then shares mine. … Continue reading Vision Board 2018