Investment in Friendship

There is a lot of research about the benefits of a strong circle of friends, especially as we grow older. It seems like all the research published the why it’s important, but little is ever written on the How to do it! How do you maintain friendships as your life dramatically changes moving into retirement? … Continue reading Investment in Friendship


Vision Board 2018

I enjoy having a Vision Board for the year to inspire me.  I place it right next to where I write in my Morning Journal and it keeps my vision front and center and hopefully helping it manifest as the year progresses.   This post captures the How-to do a Vision Board and then shares mine. … Continue reading Vision Board 2018

Am I doing what’s really important to me?

Writing inspiration comes from many places. Recently I’ve encountered a few different references about trying to understand what’s really important.  This was a great thing to think about moving into a new year.   Karen Hume at Profound Journey talked about her morning journaling: “In selecting and writing about the most important thing that happened … Continue reading Am I doing what’s really important to me?