Increasing Emotional Awareness

When I choose my word for the year to be Joy, I wanted to be happier every day. Transitions are hard, and I wanted to intentionally manage the roller coaster of feelings this huge change of entering retirement was creating in my life. Being the geeky researcher, I did a bunch of reading about emotions. … Continue reading Increasing Emotional Awareness


Feast or Famine

After 2 years into retirement, it seems like my weeks are either full of (self-chosen) activities or completely empty.  Full and happy, this-is-great weeks.  Or boring, am-I-failing-at-this-retirement-thing weeks.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a life-concierge, one who is better at time management than me! When you are the concierge of your own … Continue reading Feast or Famine

Shut up Your Inner Critic

There is the old cliché “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.   Oh, I am not saying I am anywhere near being an old dog, but starting new habits/behaviors is not easy.   And I find that I am my own worst saboteur when it comes to starting something new!   My own inner … Continue reading Shut up Your Inner Critic


Retirement Myth Busting

When I retired, a few well-meaning individuals informed me that the ideal retirement lifestyle for “someone like me” was 30/30/30.   Meaning: 30% of my time focused on work, 30% of my time focused on volunteering, and 30% of my time focused on leisure. Simple as that – go do it.   Besides the fact it … Continue reading Retirement Myth Busting