To Work or Not to Work

To work or not to work, that is the question - stealing a bit from Shakespeare.  But it became a big tension-question as I created my future Life Vision.  It took me a while to understand my answer to the question “Do I really need to work?” There was a HUGE assumption, from one camp, … Continue reading To Work or Not to Work


My New Job? Curator of Retirement Books!

When I retired, a good friend gave me a shopping bag full of books about retirement. She knows I am a researcher at heart and did not have a life plan in place on the day I retired.  As she is also a few years behind me in the journey, she joked that I should curate … Continue reading My New Job? Curator of Retirement Books!

Happiness By Design

In my exploration on Retirement Transition, I found myself delving into positive psychology.  Positive psychology is the science behind happiness. I have always lived under the premise of something will happen by design or by default. You can either plan for it and design it, or it will just happen. Either way, you will live … Continue reading Happiness By Design


Learning to “Let it be”

As I began moving from full-time, compensated employment to something else I realized I needed to refresh myself on managing through change. Retirement is a major life transition, probably one of the biggest in my life. As I read through the retirement books & blogs, many discussed how the ending of a career can cause … Continue reading Learning to “Let it be”