Hello world!

Hello world of blogging.   I did it!  Created my Retirement Transition blog.   Maybe I should I call this “retirement transition on the poster child for doing it wrong”?   As I read through all the different how-to books on retirement, (I’ll blog about that one day), I’ve discovered that I am the poster child for doing it all wrong.   My identity was completely wrapped up in my work life (a workaholic extraordinaire with bad health habits & no hobbies), I had not figured out my (greater) “purpose in life”, and I did not plan retirement out before leaving work (every book talks about planning up to 5 years in advance!). Net, all the things that they say are the hardest aspects in a retirement transition, the things to avoid, the elements that prevent a successful transition, I’ve had them. Yeah!

So why did this planner not have her plan together? Because, like many other people looking at retirement, I focused mainly on the finances. I was told that the critical questions for retirement were “do you have enough?” and “have you had enough? “   After 32 years of working 10+ hour days, I had certainly had enough. Was there more to do – yes, but there was always going to be more to do… it’s called job security.   But I also recognized for years that I had no “life”. So, when the time came that we knew that “we had enough” financially to not HAVE to work, I let it be known to my management that I would be “open to an early retirement package”, not really expecting it.   Surprise, surprise!   Retirement Separation Package in hand, 90 days to retirement. And unfortunately, no post-retirement plan in hand beyond “the finances are OK.”    Nothing about what should I do with the rest of my life!  That thing I was missing with my 99% focus on work.

So this Retirement Transition Blog is about that – Envisioning my next life stage and then implementing it.  It is not about the finances or having enough money.  It’s about defining my life.   Sounds easy, right?   I hope along my retirement transition journey, I will share things that might make your own journey a bit easier!

So here goes… post #1.